Polarised Binoculars


Byfield’s patented polarised binoculars offer the same advantage as polarised sunglasses; they block out reflected light from surfaces such as water, windows and land allowing the user to see a more defined and clearer image which provides a great tactical advantage to a user no matter what environment they are operating in.

Our ground breaking technology is incorporated within the binocular, eliminating image distortion issues that have been encountered in the past when using filter caps. This technology can be transferred to other types and designs of optical visual enhancement apparatus so as not to restrict the type of equipment utilised by varying agencies.

  • Improves visual acuity and safety
  • Reduces reflections, glare and enhances visual clarity
  • Provides realistic perception
  • All one piece construction with no moving parts
  • No external caps or filter wheels to loose or break
  • Provides continuous polarised protection across the whole of the field of view with no distortion
  • Is based on proven sunglass technology
  • Can transition across multiple markets as it improves use in areas such as military, surveillance, search and rescue, border protection,boating, sport and commercial fishing


Toughest under the sun

Designed for use in extreme conditions, our binoculars use the highest quality lenses, are shock resistant, nitrogen filled and weather proof. Combine this with our unique textured rubber outer skin that has been ergonomically designed for maximum performance in all conditions and you will soon see why we claim to be the "TOUGHEST UNDER THE SUN™".


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